Child Physiotherapy

We provide three types of Sports Performance Medicine:

1) For Elite Athletes - looking to maximize their abilities to achieve peak performance. 

2) For the general adult looking to enhance their strength, recovery, and endurance. 

3) For adolescents and adults recovering from injury, we provide therapy to improve healing time and regenerate damaged muscles, tendons, and tissue. 

As most well-versed sports physicians know, healing and recovery time are often the rate limiting factors in achieving peak performance. Faster healing and recovery allow for more rapid growth of muscle and fibers, which in turn provides better sports outcomes. 


More athletes are turning to functional, integrative, and naturopathic physicians to utilize modern and ancient healing modalities to allow faster recovery. 


At our clinic, we have the necessary training in tissue regeneration, nutrient replenishment, electrolyte and protein optimization, sleep and digestive function, and hormone synthesis. 


We often administer intravenous nutrients in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Agency, provide customized dietary and training regiments, and provide evaluation of our patient athlete’s training goals to achieve better speed, strength, agility and recovery. 


Under circumstances of injury, we are able to provide the first line of care, diagnosis and rehabilitative therapy, to ensure the injury not only heals rapidly, but heals thoroughly as not to become a risk factor for reinjury. 


We offer Neural Prolotherapy and Neural therapy to aid in nerve function. 


We offer acupuncture to aid in blood flow, muscular recovery, pain relief, and recovery time. Further, we have utilized the research from top sports programs throughout the United States and made this available to our patients so that both Elite Athletes and adults enjoying sporting hobbies can enjoy and excel to their full capacity. 


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