Our goals in dealing with Viral Disease are as follows:

1) Prevent Infection

2) Properly diagnose existing or suspected infections. 

3) Acutely treat infectious viral disease with 1st line anti-viral agents

4) Research and identify safe and effective alternative treatments to treat chronic, un-resolving viruses.  

Viruses are found in all humans - just as there are symbiotic bacteria which live in harmony with our body, there are also symbiotic viruses. There are also pathogenic viruses. The signs & symptoms of viral pathogenic disease are exponentially large. As physicians and scientists, we are still unaware of the multitudes of factors which predicate the transformation of latent viral contamination of the body, into disease and replication. Our clinic provides the tools patients need to undergo proper management of symptoms:

-Helping patients determine day-day lifestyle decisions

- Explaining appropriate cautionary behaviors

- Pharmaceutical drugs if indicated

- Botanical compounds and extracts. 

- Acupuncture

- Physical medicine

Viral disease can often be debilitating, but by teaching patients management strategies, treating both symptoms and disease, we provide comfort so that patients feel positive and optimistic that life can continue: happily and functionally. 

Parasitic disease has existed on our planet since the beginning of life on earth. As with viruses and bacteria, parasites can be either symbiotic (live in harmony) with our body, or pathogenic (harm our body). Our jobs as physicians are to undergo continual research and education on these diseases, as they are continually evolving and causing new symptoms. Oftentimes, 1st line treatments are unsuccessful, and alternative therapies can be explored. 

Most importantly, however, is the diagnosis of parasitic disease. Too often, patients experience acute and chronic symptoms, without a known cause. In our experience, parasites can be one of the underlying causes, and as such we are familiar with a wide variety of diagnostic tools in identifying these organisms. 



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