Lyme disease is transmitted through a tick bite, which usually infects the joints causing tremendous pain. But, it can also cause a wide variety of symptoms unrelated to joint pain. 


Lyme disease may be masked in the body when the organism hides behind biofilm and evades the notice of the immune system. To make an accurate diagnosis, symptomatology is equally as important as testing.


At our office, we offer integrative/functional/physiologic approaches to Lyme diagnostics and treatment, and conventional, Center for Disease Control standards, namely prescribed antibiotics. We always offer our patients the best prognosis we are able to provide, and the pros and cons of each diagnostic tool, and treatment option available. Although physicians are trained to treat disease, we feel patients should have a strong say in their treatments of choice, especially in the complex and still poorly understood disease of Borreliosis. 


This is a condensed list of our treatments we offer:


  • Oral Antibiotics and/or Intravenous Antibiotics

  • Oral and/or Antimicrobials (herbal and compound based)

  • Oxygen

  • UV light

  • Pyrotherapy

  • Chelation

  • Biologic and Nutritional support

  • Supervised fasting

  • Hormone Therapy

  • Bee venom

  • Cholestyramine

  • Naltrexone